Security Risk Management

  • Armed and unarmed escorts
  • Security risk assessments
  • In-country risk advisory
  • Tracking

Emergency Assistance

  • Rapid Response
  • Medical Evacuations
  • Political Evacuations
  • Roadside Assistance

Investor Consultancy

  • Local Partnership
  • Company Formation
  • License Acquisition
  • Outsourced Administration

Logistics & Coordination

  • Travel logistics
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Expedited clearing
  • Transport logistics


  • Visa and travel permissions
  • Permits and licenses
  • Meeting support
  • On demand services (wild card)

Strategic Outsourcing

  • Outsourced Operations
  • Back Office Administration
  • Research and Surveys
  • Recruitment for high-risk regions

"your Gateway to Africa and the Middle East..."


noun /ˈɡātˌwā/

  • any passage by or point at which a region may be entered.
  • a means of entry or access.
  • a way to achieve something.

While a bridge is used to join two similar types of networks, a gateway is used to join two dissimilar networks.

For those clients who have existing operations in the region, our comprehensive outsource services provide gap support on demand.
Gateway Center Consultants LLC. offers mission critical support services through a unique network of regional companies and qualified service providers operating throughout North, East and Central Africa.
We assist companies who are preparing their workforce for travel to unfamiliar and remote locations by providing security and guidance on cultural issues and travel risk.
All of our services can be customized to meet individual client requirements all the while focusing on speed and quality of service.

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